About Us

Mary & DannyAt Those Great Little Books, we specialize in  re-creating the art and romance of the beautiful handbound book.

Our business started as a hobby in New Zealand in 1996. Three countries and more than 15 years later, it has developed into a thriving cottage industry, for 10 years in Victoria, BC and now in Ponoka, Alberta, where we also own and operate Siding 14 Gallery of Art & Fine Craft. We have numerous  styles of handbound book, which we are adding to all the time, that we carry as a regular line. These include classic storybooks, sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries, gratitude journals, romantic books for lovers, guest books, photo albums and more. As well, we are always looking for unique one-off projects, either of our own creation or as special commissions. We also do re-binding of old and/or treasured books.

Among our newer handbound books one will notice more of a concentration on “full text” or story books, many illustrated. They range from small stories such as Red Riding Hood and Cinderella to large  full volumes such as Alice in Wonderland,  Huckleberry Finn and the exquisite Dorè’s Bible Gallery with 100 beautiful late 19th century illustrations.

Certainly our most popular handbound books are what we call “Quotebooks.” They are notebooks or journals, with a quote at the top of each page. Current titles include It’s a Dog’s Life, A Gardener’s Journal, Women’s Words, Nobody Owns a Cat, . . . and more. .

We are professional, full-time  artisans, and we have exhibited at a long list of high-quality fairs, craft shows and festivals including: Bastion Square Festival of the Arts, Filberg Festival, Circle Craft,  Out of Hand, Creative Chaos, Butterdome, Art Market, Touch of Saltspring, Gifts for Myself and Others, Kris Kringle, Fall Into Christmas, Our Best to You, Make It,  and Victoria Pride Festival. Our work can also be found in a  selection of finer galleries and gift shops throughout western Canada, including our own Siding 14 Gallery in Ponoka, Alberta, where you will find the most extensive collection of our books.

In today’s world, books and paper are easy and cheap to mass-produce. It’s much more efficient than when it was all done by hand . . . but in that efficiency, we have lost something. A mechanically produced book, covered with mechanically produced paper may look nice and be lovely to read, but it contains nothing of the person who made it.

When an artist creates, their creation acquires just a little of their essence, their spirit, their soul. So it is when we design and make a handbound book. Each book has just a little of us in it, and that sharing of ourselves enriches us as well as the recipient.

Mary MacArthur & Danny Lineham
Those Great Little Books